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Nerdy Coloring Book for Up-and-Coming Scientists

It’s pretty questionable whether or not things like Baby Einstein really do anything for infant intelligence, but I don’t think anyone is going to argue that it’s a bad idea to introduce your kids to intellectual pursuits early on. Tiffany Ard thinks it’s a great idea, which is why she made and published the Nerdy Baby Coloring Book for Very Young Scientists. Granted, it’s not going to teach your kid how to split the atom or cure cancer, but it will acquaint your child with things like atoms and microscopic organisms. What else are they going to be learning about while coloring? Houses? Trees? They see those all the time anyway. Might as well have ’em coloring science.

Now where’s baby’s first Hemingway?

You can pick up a copy (of the coloring book) for $12 here.

(Nerdy Baby via Boing Boing)

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