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Neil Gaiman Announces a New Book, Interstellar Dinosaurs Are Involved


We’ve heard murmurs about Neil Gaiman’s upcoming children’s book for a while, but now the author himself is chatting it up. In what sounds as delightfully nonsensical as the ravings of Lewis Carroll but with 100% more dinosaurs, Gaiman has just officially announced his next children’s book, Fortunately, the Milk. By all means, check out the video of the always adorably awkward Gaiman describing the book below.

Says Gaiman, “It’s the silliest, strangest, most ridiculous book I’ve ever written,” and I can’t decide if that’s saying much. But what it is saying is that it’ll probably be riotously fun. Gaiman has done children’s novels before — and yes, we read and totally enjoyed them anyway — including 2002’s Coraline, which yielded an Oscar-nominated animated film in 2010, as well as The Graveyard Book, which is just waiting for someone to do an adaptation of it. That said, Fortunately, the Milk looks to have more in common with his previous illustrated work, The Day I Traded My Dad For Two Goldfish, though since this one isn’t illustrated by Dave McKean, it’s likely to be way less unnerving.

Illustrated by Chris RiddellFortunately, the Milk involves aliens, pirates, dinosaurs, and what’s described as “a ridiculous amount of time travel” while a father tries to fetch milk for his children. Well, just listen to the creator of Sandman ramble on happily and awkwardly about it and then spend a little while wondering just what a ridiculous amount of time travel would be, as opposed to a reasonable amount.


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