NASA App Sends New Pictures of Mars Straight to Your Phone

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If you just can’t keep up with what Mars is doing these days due to the hustle-bustle of your awesome, exciting, too-busy-for-Mars lifestyle, has NASA got the thing for you. Presenting: An iPhone app that sends new pictures of Mars directly to your phone, so you can still be that amateur Martian hunter you’ve always wanted to be, while being an adult and grabbing a coffee on the way to do spreadsheets at the office.

The app is free, so you have no reason not to be a peeping Mars Tom, unless you’re afraid you’ll discover something you really, really didn’t want to know existed. Mars stuff. The images are taken from the Mars Opportunity rover, and you can make however many puns you’d like about the opportunity Opportunity is giving you to check out Mars things. The app is only 0.8 megabytes in size, so it won’t even take up too much space.

Get the app here, and be sure to bring up how Mars landscapes look in all of the discussions you have, now that you’ll have instant access to new pictures of them right in your pocket.

(via Wired)

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