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Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Origami

The Internet is full of amazing origami creations, with many modern practitioners giving a twist to this ancient art form. Few go so far as Anja Markiewicz, who makes amazing sculpture from paper, each only a few milimeters long. She focuses mostly on the natural world, making tiny rabbits and sea horses — sometimes straying into the realm of fantasy with a tiny dragon — and the occasional geometric figure. The process behind this so-called nano-origami is surely painstaking, and amazingly, she begins with pieces of paper barely an inch wide.

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Her Flickr account has dozens of examples of her work, but we’ve culled what we think are some of her best creations. Read on below, and be amazed.

This one’s a little tricky: It’s a VW Bug.

The artist says this is a baby dragon, but all I see is a Hydralisk.

Can you see it? It’s a cicada.

(Anja Markiewicz via Neatorama)

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