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‘My Hero Academia’ Is Taking a Hellish Turn in Season 6, Cour 2

With a first episode name like that, things aren't looking great.

Ochaco Uraraka grappling with being one of the few uninjured heroes at the onset of My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2

Season 6 of My Hero Academia—also known to fans by its Japanese title, Boku No Hero Academia—was a high point, not just for the series, but in an absolutely incredible year of anime. In season 6, basically every hero who exists partakes in a two-pronged raid against the new Paranormal Liberation Front and All For One’s right-hand man, Dr. Kyudai Garaki. Unfortunately, it does not go well. For anyone, really. Season 6 premiered as part of the absolutely stacked fall 2022 season, and when its final episode aired on Christmas Eve, there was a preview for more. So what’s the deal? Is there a cour 2? And if so, when can we expect it?

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Well, I have great news for you: Cour 2 is coming. Immediately. Post-haste. Which is great because the next episode raises the question, “Who’s dead?” and that’s not a question I want to hang out with for longer than I have to. So let’s make like Lemillion and dive into some solid walls, shall we?

When can we watch cour 2?

Spoilers for MHA season 6, cour 1 below!

My Hero Academia only paused for the New Year holiday. After only one week off, cour 2 will kick off as part of the winter 2022 season on Saturday, January 7. In Japan, the first episode will premiere at 5:30PM. Crunchyroll does simulcasts, so if you’re a dedicated night owl, you can expect the episode to drop on the streaming service at around 12:30AM Pacific / 3:30AM Eastern.

Cour 2’s first episode is titled, in Japanese, “Gokugoku, Jigoku,” which is being translated as “Hellish Hell” or “Extreme Hell.” Basically, you just need to know that the title says the word Hell, as in the place, a lot. Which makes sense. Thanks to mostly Gigantomachia, Dabi (a.k.a. Toya Todoroki), and a newly souped-up Shigaraki / One For All hybrid, the heroes are suffering from both staggering casualties and a PR crisis. We’re basically waiting to see who died and who’s injured to the point of being put out of commission. Let me just say: Mirko better bounce back. I am simply not done gushing over how awesome that lady is.

What’s cour 2 about?

Heads up: I haven’t read the manga here. I’ve been following the story via the anime only. But it seems like cour 2 will be finishing out the Paranormal Liberation War arc. However, there are only 10 chapters left of that arc to adapt, and we know that almost all of that is going to be fallout from the intense battle we witnessed in cour 1. Like … is Midnight dead? They really make it seem like Midnight died, right?!

Unless cour 2 adds some filler and/or really drags things out, it’s not impossible that we’ll dip our toes into the beginning of the next arc. This would be incredibly significant because the next arc—whose very name is a spoiler—is the beginning of My Hero Academia‘s Final Act Saga.

Which … holy shit. So many of the major shounen are in their final acts. The intensity of it all is so much. But, as with One Piece, the final saga of the My Hero Academia manga is taking longer than expected. Manga artist Kohei Horikoshi originally planned to end the story in 2022. But at the 2023 Jump Festa in December 2022 (I know, I know), Horikoshi admitted that it will take him at least through 2023 to wrap things up. At least. So that means the show has a couple years left, too.

Are there any new My Hero Academia theme songs?

The season six cour 1 OP, and the Super Beaver jam which accompanies it, is my favorite in the series’ history. However, cour 2 surprised us with a new theme—”Bokurano” (translation: “Ours”) by Eve, the same artist behind the immortal first theme to Jujutsu Kaisen. The tone of the animation definitely hints at darker times to come. Check it out below.

We got a new end theme, too. The song is “Kitakaze” (translation: North Wind) by Japanese rock trio SIX LOUNGE. Like “Bokurano,” everything about the end theme signifies that the good times are over for the foreseeable future.

So, let’s all brace ourselves and see what this “hellish Hell” has in store. My Hero Academia will be airing every Saturday on Crunchyroll throughout the winter 2023 season.

(featured image: Crunchyroll)

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