Mirko from My Hero Academia being a menace

How Strong Is Mirko In ‘My Hero Academia’?

She could bruise a brick. She could body a boulder. She could a flamethrower to shame.

How strong is Mirko from My Hero Academia? Let me put it this way:

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She could bruise a brick.

She could body a boulder.

She could make an elephant irrelevant.

She could spank a tank.

She could put a flamethrower to shame.

Mirko from My Hero Academia is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. The woman fought not one, but multiple high end Nomu singlehandedly. Meanwhile, the world’s two highest ranked heroes Endeavor and Hawk could barely handle one. The woman’s power is simply absurd, and the fandom is here for it. But how strong is she? Well, to answer that question in detail, we should break down just what exactly makes her so strong in the first place.

Her speed

So the thing about Ms. Mirko is that she’s fast as hell. Her quirk basically gives her all of the powers of a human jackrabbit. And have you ever seen a rabbit run? Those little fuckers are quick! Certain species of rabbits can run over 40 miles an hour. If that rabbit were human sized, it would be able to run at 120 miles an hour. Considering that Mirko basically is a human rabbit, one could guess that she could easily clock in at that speed or faster. This combined with her acrobatic abilities allows her to ankle-break her foes. She doesn’t need All Might’s raw durability if her enemies can’t touch her. It’s like playing a rogue with level 20 dexterity in Dungeons and Dragons. You don’t need a full suit of armor to deal with enemy attacks, it would just slow you down. You’d probably have a better time fighting naked. Mirko could do that too, but anyone who owns a Mirko body pillow would probably drop dead from a massive horniness-induced aneurysm. Maybe the world would be better off.

Her strength

Mirko came out of the womb on Leg Day, and it’s been Leg Day ever since. Her birthday should be known as International Leg Day the world over. They’re just that powerful. Let me put it this way: a rabbit’s legs are so powerful that they’re capable of breaking their own backs by kicking too hard. Mirko kicks so hard that she could literally paralyze herself if she isn’t careful. Aside from the ample muscle in her legs, it’s really her speed that is the thing that allows her to generate so much power. She can launch a series of kicks that move faster than the eye can see. She doesn’t need to channel all of her strength into one hit, because she can land 10 kicks in the amount of time that a hero like All Might can land one punch. Mathematically speaking, we’re not technically talking about strength here. We’re talking about power. Power is the mathematical product of speed multiplied by strength. Meaning that an attack of a certain strength is more powerful the faster it comes. Mirko lacks the raw muscular strength of some of the larger heroes in the series, but she is able to generate an equal or greater amount of power behind her attacks because she is able to unleash them more quickly. Awesome.

Her superhuman senses

Mirko has rabbit ears. Aside from being extremely adorable, they also allow her to hear shit that no one else can. Rabbits can hear noises up to 49,000Hz, a frequency way above what normal human beings can hear. Dogs can’t even hear sounds above 45,000Hz! And rabbits are able to hear these frequencies even when they are over two miles away. Rabbits are also able to swivel their ears independently of one another, allowing them to focus their hearing in multiple directions at once. Rabbits use their hearing more than any of their other senses when they are looking out for predators. A cursory glance at Mirko tells me that her ears are at least triple the size of regular rabbit’s ears, and she might be able to hear three times as well. This ability effectively gives her a “spidey-sense” or “bunny-sense” that allows her to sense threats and avoid attacks on a level far above any other hero in the My Hero Academia Universe. And yes, she can definitely hear you telling your Mirko body pillow how much you love her late at night in your room. You sick freak.

Her pain tolerance

Okay, this is something that I did not know about rabbits, but they have an ability to mask their pain. That kinda makes me wanna cry a little, because I don’t like thinking about lil’ bunnies getting hurt and having to tough it out, but they’re basically little Navy Seals, so it’s okay. Because rabbits are prey animals, they hide their pain and fear in order to better survive the attacks of predators. Rabbits don’t cry out and jerk away from pain like humans, dogs, and cats do. They just take it without flinching. They are also able to maintain “calm” body language in high stress situations, and are able to stay very still in the face of threats. We don’t know if they ignore the pain or simply don’t feel it, but it’s safe to say that they’re really good at doing one or the other. Mirko is no exception. She had her arm crushed in a battle against two high-end Nomu, and it only slowed her down for a few seconds. Meanwhile, when Endeavor took a cut to the face he was out for a full minute. What a baby.

Her love of combat

You’re always going to be good at something you’re passionate about, right? Well, Mirko is really passionate about combat. She loves it. Like our sweet little explody-boy Bakugo, Mirko is always itching to get in a fight. I don’t think that rabbits are like this in the real world, but I could be sorely mistaken. I mean, if I was a rabbit and I suddenly became human sized, I think my first order of business would be to take a big old shit on all the wolves and foxes that had been bothering me and my relatives. I’d fuck up a person too. See how they like being made into stew. Mirko is able to tap into this bunny rage in order to absolutely annihilate her foes. So with regard to your question “how strong is Mirko?” my answer is a firm “you don’t wanna find out.”

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