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‘My Hero Academia: You’re Next’ Will Bring the Fight Back to the Big Screen

My Hero Academia: You’re Next will be the fourth movie in the My Hero Academia series. You’ll need to forget about the events happening in the manga’s current Final War Arc for a moment to enjoy this movie, which will feature an original story set in the seventh season of the anime.

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In this movie, society has been wrecked by the battle between heroes and villains. Amidst the chaos, another All-Might appears, which the UA Academy students will face head on. This might be another one of All For One’s tricks, but we won’t know until we get to watch the movie ourselves.

A trailer has been released, and Japanese fans will be able to view My Hero Academia: You’re Next in their local cinemas starting August 2, 2024. Viewers from North America can watch the movie once it premieres on October 11, 2024.

Kohei Horikoshi, the manga’s author, will be directly involved as the general supervisor and character designer of the movie. Kenji Nagasaki, who has been the anime’s director for over seven seasons, will be taking on the role of animation advisor. Yosuke Kuroda will be the scriptwriter of the movie, as he has been for all the seasons of My Hero Academia’s anime. Music composer Yuki Hayashi, best known for his work on the anime’s opening music, will be making a comeback with this movie, too.

No changes will be made to both the English and Japanese voice casts of My Hero Academia: You’re Next. Expect all the characters to sound just as they do in the anime.

CharacterEnglish Voice Actor
Midoriya IzukuJustin Briner
Bakugo KatsukiClifford Chapin
Todoroki ShotoDavid Matranga
Star and StripeNatalie Van Sistine
Todoroki EnjiPatrick Seitz
All MightChristopher Sabat
HawksZeno Robinson
Aizawa ShotaChristopher Wehkamp
Ochaco UrarakaLuci Christian
Iida TenyaJ. Michael Tatum
Yaoyorozu MomoColleen Clinkenbeard
Tokoyami FumikageJosh Grelle
Tomura ShigarakiEric Vale
All For OneJohn Swasey

You won’t want to miss this one.

(featured image: Bones Studio/TOHO Animation)

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