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‘My Hero Academia’ Confirms the Story’s OTHER Main Character Before Chapter 428

My Hero Academia only has two chapters left before it’s completed, but chapter 427 has revealed a surprising detail about the story as a whole. We’ve been reading a manga within a manga all this time.

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Before Shigaraki died, Shigaraki told Izuku to impart his last words to Spinner. His last words were, “Tomura Shigaraki kept fighting to destroy.” This last message from Shigaraki inspired Spinner and made him cry. Shigaraki is undeniably a villain, but to the League of Villains, he was a hero.

Spinner was an outcast for being a heteromorph until he met Shigaraki. He gave them a space to be themselves and gave them a sense of worth. Upon feeling this inspiration, Spinner told Izuku that he would be writing a story about Shigaraki as a symbol of fear that lived to destroy. Izuku told Spinner to make that a comic book instead.

Now that Tomura Shigaraki is gone, we’re nearly at the end of the story. My Hero Academia, Chapter 428, will be released on July 20, 2024, at 6:00 AM ET.

My Hero Academia as Shigaraki’s story

In the manga and anime of My Hero Academia, Tomura Shigaraki has been a formidable villain. He was the strongest villain, and he lived to destroy. But there’s more to Shigaraki than that. Even if you don’t like him as a character, you know that Shigaraki was, at one point, just a child named Tenko Shimura. His grandmother was an illustrious hero, but she gave Tenko’s father up for adoption.

Tenko’s father grew up hating heroes for what his mother had done, and he raised Tenko with a heavy hand. Just like many children in the series, Tenko became a victim of hero society. Because nobody could save him, All for One groomed Tenko to become Tomura Shigaraki. We only know all this information because Shigaraki’s character was thoroughly explored in the story.

Fans would often point out that Shigaraki is Izuku’s foil in the story. They’re inverted versions of each other. Chapter 428 confirmed that Shigaraki is just as much of a main character, depending on how you look at the story.

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