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MTV’s Teen Wolf Cast Compares the Show to Every Movie in Cinematic History

hold on to your butts

We’re a tiny bit skeptical about MTV‘s new Teen Wolf series, mostly because it looks nothing like the original Teen Wolf and more like Twilight: Without Vampires. But the cast wants you to know that you will like their show tons and tons, because it’s like The Shining. And Jack Sparrow. And Willy Wonka. And Star Wars. And The Matrix. And they can assure you that it’s nothing like the movie. We are supposed to be excited about this. Should we? The first eight minutes and why we’re supposed to buy this show as “the best of every single world” after the jump.

According to Blastr, three of the show’s main actors — Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, and Holland Roden (that’s Tyler Posey above) — are super psyched about the new series, saying that MTV was taking this teen horror drama “very seriously” and that we, the audience, should “expect the unexpected.” So then, after discussing the real horror aspects of the show (“We might actually, truly jump out of the TV screen and scare you,” says Roden), they start comparing it and its characters to other movies and characters. Which seems not so unexpected, except to wonder what kind of show is this, anyway? Tyler Hoechlin says about his character Derek:

“He kind of remains that way really throughout the first season. I always like to compare him to Jack Sparrow in that sense, just because I’m a huge Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow fan, in the fact that he’s very much back and forth. Sometimes you root for him, sometimes you root against him, and you really don’t know which one is the right thing to do sometimes … He takes on this kind of master/apprentice relationship with Scott, kind of the Morpheus to Scott’s Neo, Obi Wan to Skywalker sort of thing. Showing him the ropes of how to be a werewolf and how to not kill everybody close to him, which is always good,” said Hoechlin with a laugh.

And Roden says about her character Lydia:

“… I played her very much as a brat. Have you ever seen Election? Alexander Payne‘s Election? So she’s Tracy Flick meets Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. That’s how I sold her from the beginning.”

And Haynes says about the series itself that it’s “so cinematic that you feel like you’re watching The Shining.”

So, if you like any of that stuff, you will love Teen Wolf. At least that’s what the cast would like us to believe. If you want to judge for yourself, here are the first eight minutes. Or you can check it out when it premieres Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards.

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