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MTV’s Teen Wolf Series: Nothing Like The Movie [Video]

thanks but no thanks

MTV has been developing a series based on the movie Teen Wolf, which was a comedy that starred King of the ’80s Michael J. Fox as a totally ’80s teenager who turns into a werewolf upon reaching puberty (in the ’80s), and everyone thinks he’s totally rad. But the MTV series wanted to have “a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology,” so has none of those things in it, except for a teenager who turns into a werewolf. So, you’d think that MTV would just call it Moody Werewolf Teenager instead, because that’s what this seems to be about. I have a few issues with this.

I’ll allow the title. I’m not happy about it, because the title “Teen Wolf” implies a certain mood. And angsty teens in dim lighting do not match the “crazy California van surfing through a palm tree-lined street” motif that runs through my mind when I think of that movie. But whatever. It’s about a teen who turns into a wolf, so fine. Sometimes we can’t have nice things. It’s cool. I get it.

But hey, how about characters who don’t seem like obnoxious know-it-alls like Wolfie’s morgue-loving friend? (Who clearly knows very little. “What if whoever killed the body is still out there?” It wasn’t a body before it was killed.)

I do kind of like that he has heightened senses, like any canis lupus would have. That way, he can’t exactly ignore the fact that he’s been transformed, even when he’s not a full-blown wolf. (Which, by the way, Michael J. Fox’s character was, in broad daylight, to everyone’s delight.) But don’t tell me this is going to be all “You don’t want to make me angry — cuz I’ll keeeeel you!” all the time. Because here is where this movie goes from a “Teen Wolf series” into Twilight: Without Vampires. Teen Wolf was fun. Twilight is not generally known for its lighter moments. So therefore this is not a Teen Wolf series, unless there is a wealth of silliness that is not being shown in the trailer above, which seems to tell me everything I need to know, including the fact that there is little to no comedy involved.

Thanks a lot, MTV. First you ruined music, then you ruined television, and now you’re going after Teen Wolf? Bite me.

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