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A Map of the Most-Googled TV Shows in America, State by State


Using data gathered from Google trends, Homesnacks has put together this map of the most-Googled TV shows in America, demarcated state by state. Although Homesnacks has labeled this map as the “most-streamed TV shows” — which may well be the case — the results technically reflect the most-Googled shows.

Some of these do feel a little bit on the nose; would people in Pennsylvania truly be more interested in watching It’s Always Sunny? Or do they just Google that show a lot because it bears the name of one of their largest cities?


Also, the constant Googling of Supernatural in Wyoming might well be due to the fact that the Devil’s Gate is located there. Plus, Breaking Bad filmed in New Mexico, so it shouldn’t be too weird to see people Googling it there.

I’m sure those aren’t the only examples of local tie-ins, either — but I’ll leave the rest to you, comments section. How do you all explain the rest of this map? It’s still pretty fun to look at, even if only to see which shows have ended up having a cultural effect on various locales.

(via The Daily Dot, images Homesnacks and Tumblr)

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