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Listening To The Metal Version Of The Monkey Island Theme Is The Most Metal Thing You’ll Do Today

"I am Guybrush Threepwood, mighty metal guitarist!"


Monkey Island

Eric Calderone is a classically-trained guitarist who uses his talent to bless the world with metal covers of his favorite pop culture jams. On YouTube, you can catch all of Eric’s different covers – but my number one has to be this version of the Monkey Island theme, because I can’t resist anything to do with Guybrush Threepwood.

You can download the song here on Eric’s website, where you can also find links to his metal covers of tons of other awesome things – like “Let it Go” from Frozen! The Ghostbusters theme! Pacific Rim! Even Attack on Titan!

And, oh, alright; because I can’t stop imagining Benedict Cumberbatch jamming to it, here’s Eric’s verison of the BBC Sherlock theme. Headbang away.

(via Tumblr, image via Scott Spork)

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