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Monday Cute: Kan-Chan, the Adorable Enema Penguin Mascot

Ichijiku Pharmaceutical, a Japanese company has just introduced Kan-chan, their new mascot who’s trying to put a cuter face to bowel cleaning. Daily Dot notes that the cute name “likely comes from the word ‘kancho,’ which is Japanese for enema.” While “the company insists Kan-chan is just a cute penguin with a ‘hair accessory,'” the design inspiration is pretty clear.

Mascots are extremely popular in Japan, with more than a thousand official adorable creatures representing districts. These mascots are huge for marketing, merchandise, and tourism. I am all for the mascot-ization of things that are traditionally not considered cute or adorable. Within reason, of course. Like I’m not that eager to get behind the notorious prison mascot. What I’m saying is that for a product that some might find a bit uncomfortable or embarrassing, a character like Kan-chan can make it a little less unpleasant and more fun.

She’s cute, she’s happy, and she’s invested in your good health. Go Kan-chan!

(via Daily Dot, image: screencap)

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