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The Molydeux Game Jam Begins Tomorrow, and Peter Molyneux Himself Will be Stopping by to Recruit


Important news for all folks that love game jams, hilarious Twitter accounts, and creator of Fable and Black & White Peter Molyneux: The What Would Molydeux? game jam begins tomorrow. For the uninitiated, this particular game jam sprang forth from the absurdist tweets of a Twitter account that parodied Peter Molyneux’s often ambitious — sometimes to the point of absurdity — game ideas. At first, the game ideas were extremely ridiculous, though hilarious, but eventually, the account’s followers started thinking some of the silly ideas would make legitimately good games. Now, there’s a 48-hour game development challenge that starts tomorrow, and is taking place all over the world. Possibly best of all, Peter Molyneux himself will be attending the London section of the jam, both check it out, but also to recruit people for his new game developer startup.

At the moment, the parody Twitter account has migrated to a new handle specifically for the game jam, which can be followed over at @greenpixeldeux. After the promotion, it will migrate back to the old handle, @petermolydeux.

It must be an amazing feeling to be some person who made a Twitter account to basically make fun of a legendary game designer, and now have a worldwide game developing event in that account’s honor, based on all of the ideas tweet from said account. Even more, it must be pretty amazing to have the actual legendary game designer that the whole entire account and event is making fun of show up to said event.

Molyjam has spread across the entire world, from the places this kind of event would likely be, such as San Francisco and New York, to New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, and more.

Personally, I hope to see a team tackle two specific Molydeux ideas, both of which are somewhat old by this point. Co-Optipus, a game where multiple players are control of an octopus by each being in charge of an individual tentacle, and an unnamed God game — no doubt inspired by Black & White — where the player assumes the role of God, but the citizens in the world are all atheists, so instead of build up a civilization like one normally would in those kinds of games, the player must make the citizens believe.

The event begins tomorrow at 7 PM EST, and we can’t wait to check out the finished products. Don’t you worry, if you can’t be bothered to follow 48 hours of coding, we’re planning on compiling a list of the awesome games the jam churns out when its over. Head on over to the game jam’s page for more information.

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