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Welp, That Bobbi/Hunter SHIELD Spin-Off Is Officially Dead

Oh. Yeah. That.


Last night we got the incredible news that Agent Carter had been renewed for a second season, along with a third season pick-up for Agents of SHIELD. But it’s not all good news in Marvel TV land: that Mockingbird/Lance Hunter spin-off they’d been planning (for reasons unknown) has been pulled from the line-up, according to Deadline.

I do love Adrienne Palicki and Nick Blood in SHIELD, and I think there could have been something interesting in seeing their characters develop outside of the main show, but Marvel’s making the hard calls these days and they’ve stalled the show in development. I’m assuming that whatever happens in next week’s two-hour SHIELD finale with BullSHIELD will still seem to be setting up this now defunct spin-off, so that’ll be interesting to watch knowing what we know now. Frankly, both Palicki and Blood are favorites of mine on SHIELD currently (I love Hunter’s interactions with Coulson and MockingNerd forever), so I’m glad they’re not parting ways.

The downside here is that I feel like this season of Agents of SHIELD has been leading up to this BullSHIELD/Bobbi/Hunter spin-off all season, and now they’re going to have to find a way to integrate its non-existence into the show. I mean, I was completely certain that Mack decided he was bailing on SHIELD so that he could be a part of the spin-off – now what are they going to do? Just have him disappear? That’s your only two dudes of color gone in one season, SHIELD. That’s not the look.

That being said, I really felt like the show was suffering under the weight of trying to set up too many things at once, from Ultron to Ant-Man to this spin-off, so I’m hoping it’s going to benefit from this cancellation. SHIELD improved a lot this season, but it needs to get better at streamlining and tightening its plot lines and giving us a reason to really get invested in existing characters instead of just constantly adding more. We’ll see what they do.

Meanwhile… Agent Carter is totally coming back you guys! If it was down to these two shows and they chose Agent Carter they sure as heck made the right call.

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