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Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Scars”

AKA Age of Ultron: Extro.


Well if the purpose of last week’s episode of SHIELD was to set up Age of Ultron, “Scars” took it to a whole new level in the aftermath.

Though Coulson didn’t appear in the film (since Joss thought it would cheapen his death scene in Avengers, even though, like, we all know #CoulsonLives), we discovered that Theta Protocol was actually the rebuilding of the helicarrier in which [spoilers]Fury saves the day in Ultron[/spoiler]. While that was a cool movie tie-in, it also kind of felt like a let down in the grander scheme of the show.

In a time when I’m sure most of what’s left of SHIELD was running all over the planet cleaning up bits the bits of Ultron he left everywhere, Eddie Olmos also took the opportunity to directly compare Coulson to a post-Ultron Stark, as leaders who inspire blind faith in their followers. While I see where Olmos is coming from, I’d also have to disagree; Coulson and Stark really couldn’t be more different in almost every way that matters. Stark isn’t even in charge of the Avengers – and Coulson, Cap fanboy for life, is much more a Steve than a Tony anyways.


Tragically (?), this episode harkened the end of the Age of Olmos, leaving him crushed with despair (or just crushed, really) after his meeting with SkyMommy didn’t go according to plan (his plan, anyways). This all seems to be echoing what’s coming later in Civil War, and also is clearly working to set up whatever BullSHIELD Bobbi/Hunter sequel is in the works for Marvel TV next year (same with Mac quitting).

And that’s part of where I think Marvel is losing it in this big “it’s all connected” universe. It’s one of the bigger problems I had with Ultron, too, and I’m not alone in that sentiment – even Joss Whedon said that he was forced to include or remove scenes in the film in deference to the greater set-up of what’s coming in the MCU. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s taking away from my in-the-moment enjoyment of the current shows and movies, and that’s a problem. I shouldn’t be watching every episode of SHIELD thinking about Civil War, Ultron, and the SHIELD spin-off. It’s cool for a second, but ultimately takes me out of my enjoyment of the current episode, and also limits their ability to tell cool stories now.

That being said, Jiaying is kicking ass and I can’t wait to see what her final plan is.


We also see Raina fully embracing her new self with a sweet makeover and some fresh confidence; Lincoln still being a giant ball of blah; and Cal being the most adorable wonderful thing ever in the history of the world. It does strike me as a bit odd that Skye would be so quick to jump the SHIELD ship – but that is her mother on the Inhumans side, so I understand it to a certain extent. Still, Coulson and May are basically her parents anyways! (It’s also very difficult to watch the two of them increasingly at odds).


Next week’s episode of SHIELD is the two-hour season finale, so, y’know. Stuff is going to happen!

Also, I love Ward/Agent 33 now. Evil!OTP.


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