Loki and Mobius in the Elevator together looking in love

Mobius and Loki Are Tethered To Each Other Like Two Love Sick Puppies

Loki season 2 is here and instantly I am back to wanting Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) to smooch everyone, particularly Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston). As was the case in season 1, I really just think that if Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) all smooched all the time, everything would be a lot better. Throuples are the way to go and the Marvel Cinematic Universe really should start to embrace it. It would at least make the end of the first episode of Loki season 2, titled “Ouroboros,” hurt a little less.

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While we were trying to figure out how to stop Loki from time slipping, the episode had a lot of Loki running around the TVA and trying to get everyone to tell him where Mobius was. Why? Because he needed his boyfriend so that the boyfriends could then go and find Loki’s girlfriend.

You might think I am joking but that was quite literally the plot of this episode. From the start, Loki is frantically trying to find his Mobius and he’s tethered to him the entire time he’s time slipping until he finally can try and stop himself from being pulled through time at the TVA, even if Ouroboros (Ke Huy Quan) says that’s impossible.

Who is the only person who can be there to pull him out of time and save him? Mobius, of course. And they are quite literally tethered to each other. Really, they’re tied to each other as Mobius is outside by the temporal loom and Loki is trying to find a way to prune himself in the future and he then is thrown back into the right time and saves himself and Mobius, because that’s what these boyfriends do.

Please just kiss already

Mobius and Loki on the floor together in love on Loki

Loki really got me back into shipping in a bad way. Meaning I want everyone to smooch. I don’t really care who it is, I ship it. Mobius/Loki/Sylvie, though, is my special team. I just want them to be a throuple so very badly because I think they all have a deep love for each other that doesn’t have to be ruined by those pesky non-romantic feelings. But in “Ouroboros,” Loki is literally tethered to Mobius time and time again as they try to figure out how to get Loki back into time.

It shows the importance that these two characters have for each other and how, even when they’re in different moments in time, they’re still incredibly important figures in the other’s life. Mobius M. Mobius might have started his relationship with Loki as a member of the TVA, seeing Loki as something he could use, but now they’re two people working together who care about each other and yes, I would like all the fan art of Loki and Mobius literally just running around the TVA together in the elevator trying to figure out what to do about him slipping away. That and Mobius in that space suit with the duct tape on it.

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