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Loki Season 2 Had Better Embrace the Loki/Mobius/Sylvie Throuple

I just want them all to smooch.


Season 2 of Loki is coming our way, and with that comes theories and ideas from fans. There are plenty of ways they can take the show, but there’s one thing I want season 2 to fix: the throuple.

From the first episode of Loki, I was into the idea of Mobius and Loki ending up riding a jet ski together. I wanted them to solve crimes together and hold hands and smooch, and that was the show. And then Sylvie came into the picture, and I thought to myself, What if they all just smooched each other? Thus, my favorite throuple was born. The show continued to feed me and give me moments between them, until Mobius’ goodbye to Loki and Sylvie, where he hugged Loki and told Sylvie that she was his “favorite.”

But now, with season 2 on the horizon and everyone separated, there are lots of things that can happen, and all my thoughts are circulating around the three of them in love with each other still. First of all, we have two major tropes at play here. Mobius doesn’t remember Loki, so the amnesia trope is Loki/Mobius, and then Loki and Sylvie betrayed each other (in their own way), and so Loki/Sylvie are the betrayal trope. I truly love my fanfiction-come-to-life television show. (Yes, I have imagined Mobius being jealous of Sylvie because of the Loki/Sylvie kiss.)

The reason I want the focus on the throuple, though, is that we were told with season 1 that there was no “love story,” and sure, that’s sort of true. It wasn’t a love story but more a lust story that ended up in Loki being heartbroken, but still. There was romance, and I don’t think it’s just between him and Sylvie.

As our Princess Weekes said, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is relatively sexless, which is the opposite of the Marvel comics. I remember the panel of Tony Stark’s orgy, and while I don’t think they’d show us Loki having sex with people, I do think we have earned a love story between these three characters.

Throughout the entire MCU, Loki has never felt like he belonged or that he was loved despite Thor constantly showing his brother how much he cared. In each episode of Loki, we got a look into how deep his scars went and how he was starting to heal himself. With Sylvie’s betrayal and Mobius not remembering him, I am worried that it’s going to be three steps back for Loki in terms of his trust in others, but maybe all three of them can help the others grow and learn.

I hope that Mobius quickly learns the truth, I hope that Sylvie comes back to the TVA and Loki and Mobius, and I hope that these three characters continue to grow in their beliefs and working together. Season 2 had better at least have Mobius on a jet ski with Loki and Sylvie—at LEAST. (I’d rather have them smooching though.)

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