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Things Not to Do: Fund Your Comic Book Collection By Selling Meth!

A Lesson in Humility


Anyone who spends enough time in a comic shop knows the feeling of spending a little too much — another Transmetropolitan trade here, maybe the Watchmen art book, it all adds up. It is, however, a very special person that ends up blowing all the money they made selling meth on comic books.

Meet Aaron Castro, whose massive comic book habit eventually outpaced his meth-selling habit, placing him in dire financial straits. The 18,753 issue collection, valued at some $500,000, is now being sought by the U.S. government. Their claim on the collection underlines Castro’s spending habits by citing his drug dealers. From The Smoking Gun:

The forfeiture complaint recounts a government interview with Lonna Gwinn, who said she sold meth for Castro, who is pictured above. “Gwinn said that Aaron began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books.”

Another drug dealer working for Castro said that he spent a quiet, relaxed evening helping him organize the comics. Just another Wednesday night.

So the next time you’re in the comic shop, hefting one of those massive, new BPRD tomes, and wondering if your paycheck just might cut it… stop. Your nine-to-five is probably better than pushing kibble behind the 7-11.

(via The Smoking Gun)


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