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Konami Rolls Out Surprisingly Classy Metal Gear Solid Clothing Line


Hideo Kojima dropped by our neighborhood last summer to debut some Metal Gear Solid t-shirts and related apparel, but this … this is just way classier than a video game clothing line has to be or should be, and it’s great. Where are the relatable slogans and nostalgia-manipulating references to the series’ past? Instead, it’s just straight-up rugged and manly clothes.

Granted, these are just photographs and it’s possible the quality isn’t as good as it looks. And where’s the branded eyepatch? But come on, these are video game clothes, the bar is so low here, and so surpassed. Can Minecraft please start selling adventurewear?

OK, there are two t-shirts, but they’re pretty understated.

And then there’s this:

The line goes on sale in Japan and the U.S. on April 11th.

(via GameFreaks)

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