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Welcome to the New and Improved The Mary!

On Our Redesign and Merger


There’s something different about us today… No, we didn’t get a haircut. These aren’t a new pair of glasses. And we haven’t been going to the gym any more or less than usual. No, we’ve got ourselves a brand spanking new redesign! Isn’t it lovely? *twirls*

But that’s just the candy coating on our brand new status quo. And it’s an exciting status quo. So here’s the story of how we are becoming one big happy family with our sister site

Step Number 1

We have a new site design! This includes a more intuitive mobile site, and, we hope, a better browser reading experience for the majority of our readers as well. We also have, for the first time, distilled our moderation style into an official comment policy for everyone to read.

Step Number 2

If you watched our amazing launch video from Leigh Lahav, you’ve already met our new writers and editors! There’s Victoria McNally and Carolyn Cox, genuine science-loving besties Glen Tickle and Dan Van Winkle (and they are totally into it if you refer to them as Science Bros), and our own weekend editor Becky will be joined by Geekosystem’s Sam Maggs (whom you might already be familiar with). This means your regular TMS staff, Jill, Rebecca, and I (Susana) are going to have a lot of company! This is good news for us and for you, as we have more folks around with the time required to give you guys the thoughtful, enthusiastic writing and reporting you deserve. And in recognition of this change in our editorial structure, our own Jill Pantozzi is being promoted to Managing Editor, while I (Susana) your heretofore Managing Editor, am settling into the site’s very first Editor at Large position.

Step Number 3

What else does this mean? We can talk more about more stuff. We are formally adopting Geekosystem’s areas of coverage, including science news, amusing quirks and ripples of internet culture, the latest developments in consumer technology, and humanity’s ongoing quest to seize our destiny among the stars. I mean… space news. Geekosystem was founded in 2010 by Robert Quigley with the help of a starry eyed-young intern named Susana Polo. (Yes, that’s me.) When I left less than a year later to start working on The Mary Sue, somehow the site managed to get along without me, though I do sometimes miss reporting on stuff like this. Now, don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning any of our current coverage. In fact, there’s lots, like television animation, anime, and every day comics coverage, that we’ll now have the chance to expand upon (and which you’ve been asking for)!

Step Number 4

We have a store now! We’ve been asked for years if we’d ever offer our lady logos on on items that you could hold in your hand or even use to clothe your body. Well, we’ve partnered with WeLoveFine to do just that, with shirts, pins, bags, and lots more. We’re very excited at the prospect and you can look forward to lots more to come in this area.

Step Number 5

We’re explaining it all to you guys, because we love you. Change is scary, and the last thing we want to do is worry you! But we promise: we’re the same site. We’ve still got the same commitment to championing inclusivity within our community and without, loving media without excusing its faults, and celebrating geek culture. We know you’re gonna love the stuff we have in store, and you’re gonna love all our friends from Geekosystem. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

And if you’re new to The Mary Sue, first of all, congratulations on reading this far into this post! We want to give you a warm welcome as well! And to help you get to know us better, here are fifteen of our favorite posts of past and present.

You also will probably not be surprised to learn that we can be found on TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+, and Instagram. But I’ll leave you alone with your links. After all, we’re a blog, you’re here to read us, so get reading! We’ll be over here. Writing. Tweeting. Laughing at Tumblr memes. Come write and tweet and laugh at Tumblr memes with us.

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