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MCU Characters: Gone but Not Forgotten but Also Not Gone?


Harley Keener in Iron Man 3

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.**

Remember when we all asked who that was at the end of Avengers: Endgame? Well, it was just a little glimpse into characters we may have forgotten but still technically exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For so many of us, we see characters in one movie and think that’s the end of their involvement in the series. Sure, sometimes that’s true because a character literally dies (looking at you, Jeff Bridges), but still, we tend to forget characters who once existed—or at least I do.

Of course, I have favorites. Adam Pally in Iron Man 3 is still one of the most underrated characters in the MCU, but as we have seen with both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, we never know who’s going to come back into the MCU.

In an AMA for Reddit, Marvel’s Kevin Feige brought up how characters tend to reappear:

“I’m not sure I’d call them forgotten characters but I love bringing back characters people think they’ve seen the last of. For example, General Ross and Harley.”

There’s also the Red Skull, Jane Foster, Frigga, and the Ancient One, just to name a few. That means we can see anyone return, right? We could be seeing the return of even, say, previously dead characters? Anything is possible in the MCU and war, yeah?

Maybe it’s because we’re fresh in our feelings after Endgame and just want to go back to the characters we’ve loved or maybe we’re just hoping for a wild time in the MCU in the future, but whatever the case may be, it seems that we all, as fans, want to look back on the last eleven years in whatever ways we can.

I mean look, all this talk of the multiverse just gives us the opportunity to have any and every character we want back in the MCU, and I, for one, am here for it. More Tony Stark? Yeah, I’m okay with that, but also, bring back Betty Ross and more!

(via, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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