Matt Smith Might Have Auditioned for Star Wars, Jason Flemyng Definitely Did

May The Force Be With You
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At this point, is there anybody who hasn’t been the subject of Star Wars speculation? It seems like all an actor has to do is breathe the same air as director J.J. Abrams and the fans pounce. I’m including myself in this pouncing fandom, by the way. What else can we do when the only cast member who has been confirmed is R2-D2? I love the little guy, but you’ve got to give us more information than that, J.J. 

At least Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, X-Men: First Class) has given us something that could possibly be solid intel. The actor tweeted the following photo with the caption “Pint of Stella and Star Wars script! That’s me sorted till 5!”

The image has since been removed, of course, but not before the Internet seized it and spread it around. The text is mostly indecipherable, but Yahoo Movies managed to figure out a little bit of what it said:

‘As John goes through his bag, Will gives a lot of the [unreadable] the imagined [unreadable] in his stare.’

And a bit further on, it looks as though John and Will get to the gist of what they’re up to.

‘Wise move [unreadable]. I thought we were doing the scavenging?'”

If this is really a page from the script (and it seems like it is), then it doesn’t tell us much more than what we already know: placeholder character names, rogues and scavengers, etc. However, at least we know that Jason Flemyng is definitely being considered. Hey, I’ll take all the scraps I can get. Flemyng is probably too old to be playing one of the young heroes, so maybe he would be a mentor character?

Less reliable is the rumor, via Bleeding Cool, that Matt Smith might possibly maybe have auditioned or at least met with Abrams about a role in the film. Smith joins a long line of “maybe-possibly” actors that the rumor mill has dug up in the Star Wars frenzy. What do you think? Matt Smith, wielding a lightsaber? If he did appear, I hope that he would be a villain, only because a. Matt Smith as a Sith Lord would rock my socks and b. let’s be honest, the only British people in the Star Wars universe are villains, and I don’t have a lot of faith in Smith’s American accent.

Still, if I were a betting girl, I wouldn’t put my money on Matt Smith being cast. As Saoirse Ronan put it, pretty much everyone has put their name in the hat for the film at some point. Don’t get your hopes up until we have something resembling a confirmation. In the meantime, he’s doing an American Psycho musical, so that’s awesome.

Oh, Star Wars, wondering and worrying about you is going to be the death of me. Can I at least become a Force ghost so I can watch the movie from beyond the grave?

(via: Indiewire, The Guardian)

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