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Match Any Color From the Real World With the Handy Nix Mini Color Sensor

Paint your walls or furniture the color of your favorite nail polish, a beautiful swatch of fabric you spotted, your friend’s walls, whatever. The Nix Mini Color Sensor can help you make it happen. And the Mary Sue Shop can help you make it happen for 30% less—get the Nix for just $69.

The size of a ping-pong ball, the Nix is tiny enough to bring anywhere, and powerful enough to match any surface—walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabrics, dyes, and more—to one of 31,000+ brand name paint colors from the likes of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. You don’t have to guess or get a “close enough” match—the Nix is built to take in more than the human eye, so you get a great match every time. You can save and organize your favorite color palettes so you’re totally prepared when it’s time to paint.

Get he Nix Mini Color Sensor for $69 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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