Massive 50-Couple Wedding Happening to Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is what bwings us togevvah twoday.
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The 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who will air on November 23rd (67 days can counting… slowly counting) but on November 24th 50 couples will pledge their eternal love for the Doctor as well as each other in a mass wedding to celebrate the anniversary. Why not do it on November 23rd? So they don’t miss the episode of course.

This mass wedding is being put on by Special Events Group Limited in the UK, and they’re currently booking couples. Interested parties can get more information on the site. It looks like the package per couple runs £1,900, which as far as weddings go doesn’t seem that bad. Especially not if you’re both Doctor Who fans.

According to the site, for the £1,900 you get:

  1. Limousine to and from Hotel
  2. Commemorative rings especially designed for the occasion.
  3. A bottle of champagne with specially printed labels to highlight the couple getting married on the anniversary of Doctor Who.
  4. A framed photograph of the couple.
  5. Customised Wedding Cake to fit the theme.
  6. An after party with lots of Doctor Who characters mingling.
  7. There will also be 7 competitions taking place throughout the events with prizes.


The cutoff for registration is October 15th at midnight, and you can reserve a spot with a £100 deposit through PayPal.

If you’re not looking to get married, but want to attend what will probably be a pretty momentous occasion you can get into the party for just £10.

There’s even going to be a special Doctor Who wedding cake by bakers Dinkydoodle Designs. With 50 couples and a lot more fans that better be one big cake. We suggest making a 1:1 scale replica of the TARDIS, but out of cake.

(via Whovian Wedding, image via The BBC)

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