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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC is Out Now, Watch The New Endings Here


And there you have it, the Shepard arc of the Mass Effect series has finally ground to a halt, that is unless fans can whine it back from the dead yet again. The free, somewhat revisionist DLC Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut dropped today, attempting to flesh out the endings of the game to appease a complaining fan-base. If you don’t want to see the endings in-game where they belong (which requires replaying about an hour of the game’s most difficult combat sections), the new endings are all up on YouTube, and you can check them out below. There be spoilers, obviously.

I haven’t watched any yet, and while I firmly believe that they’ll be “meh” at best, they are currently the only hanging carrot left that might motivate me to finish a Paragon playthrough of the game, which I really would like to do because regardless of the ending, the game’s not half bad. That said, the inclusion of a “refusal” ending looks like it might add a little balance to the selection of choices that left so many of us feeling unfairly trapped. Regardless of what these new endings deliver (probably not much), we can at least take solace in the fact that Shepard can finally rest in peace. Seriously, everybody stop whining; you might wake him up.

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Finally, it’s over

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