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The Mary Sue Is Looking for a Summer 2017 Editorial Intern!


It’s that time again! We’re looking for an intern to round out our team of pop culture-addled blogging machines (read: editors), and here’s the part where you find out how to convince us that person is you.

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What does a Mary Sue intern do? Not get coffee, that’s for sure (I mean, unless you’re thirsty). You’ll join us in our NYC office, write a lot of words, become one with the Internet Freakazoid-style as RSS feeds and Twitter timelines flow freely through your brain, and seriously, write a lot of words—whole news posts and opinion pieces. If you’d like to do what we do someday and are looking for hands-on experience actually doing it, this is the internship for you.

Start and end dates are flexible, but generally we’re looking for a new summer friend. Yes, you must be available to work in our office in NYC. In a nutshell:

Editorial Intern at The Mary Sue
Category: Writing/Editing
Company: The Mary Sue (
Duration: Summer (June – August)
Hours: 8-12 hours per week during regular business hours (flexible) Monday through Friday
Location: New York City office (Midtown)

The number one qualification for this job is a strong passion for anything nerdy or geeky. If you literally (or figuratively—we won’t dock any points) can’t keep from expressing your opinions on casting news, comic book storylines, video game design, politics, the people who create the things you love, and more—especially as they relate to issues of diversity and equality—this is the place for you. A close second is being able to write accurately and quickly and understand the aspect of any given story that makes it newsworthy.

Bonus points if you have any of the following qualifications:

• Knowledge of blogging software, especially WordPress.
• Experience with photo-editing software like Photoshop or GIMP.

To apply: Please attach the following THREE (3) documents to your application email to [email protected], with the subject line “Mary Sue Summer Intern 2017.” Applications not containing all of these documents will NOT be considered.

• A resume, including references and special skills you have to offer. (Power of flight, laser-eyes, etc.)
• Two to four samples of your academic or journalistic writing, preferably in more than one style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, basic post about news vs. longer thinkpiece, etc.). The purpose of your writing samples is to demonstrate your writing skills (and that doesn’t just mean style or comedy, which we enjoy, but also spelling, grammar, and construction) and preferably illustrate your particular brand of geekdom.
• A brief (1-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal junior writer for a girl geek culture blog. Grab our attention!


We want to hear about not just what makes you a nerd/geek who wants this job, but how your skills and accomplishments make you an asset to our team! Feel free to include links to any relevant social media accounts/personal blogs that would give us a sense of how you’d fit into this role. Oh, and please include your favorite GIF for very important journalism reasons.

Please submit the cover letter, resume or CV, and writing samples to [email protected] with the subject line “Mary Sue Summer Intern 2017.”

—Please make note of The Mary Sue’s general comment policy.—

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Dan Van Winkle
Dan Van Winkle (he) is an editor and manager who has been working in digital media since 2013, first at now-defunct <em>Geekosystem</em> (RIP), and then at <em>The Mary Sue</em> starting in 2014, specializing in gaming, science, and technology. Outside of his professional experience, he has been active in video game modding and development as a hobby for many years. He lives in North Carolina with Lisa Brown (his wife) and Liz Lemon (their dog), both of whom are the best, and you will regret challenging him at <em>Smash Bros.</em>

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