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“Marvel Symphonic Universe” Explores the Boring Music in Marvel’s Movies

Scores, that is. We all know the GotG soundtrack rules.

Like pretty much everything else in life, movie scores are subject to trends, and Marvel’s movies have been following a very particular trend of making their music cues less noticeable. So, while you can easily hum a few bars from most—if not all—of your other favorite movie franchises, Marvel’s cinematic universe will likely have you drawing a blank, as illustrated in this video.

It’s not as if Marvel movies don’t have scores, but as the team at Every Frame a Painting points out, a number of factors come together to ultimately make that music very forgettable. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to personal taste—I’m in the “less noticeable is better” camp myself—but it is a bit disappointing that there’s no character or franchise theme music to latch onto/belt out some non-lexical vocables to.

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