Not Content With Making All the Money, Will The Avengers Be Re-Released to Make All the Future’s Money, Too?

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Hey, remember that time before The Avengers opened, and we all got super excited about it opening, and then it opened and made a billion dollars? Good times, right? Well, Marvel has been stroking their long, pointy beard and thinking, “Hey, what if we bring back those glory days of early last month and release the director’s cut of The Avengers in theaters and make another billion dollars?” It’s not anywhere near official, but apparently, there are rumblings of such a thing taking place.

As I said, this is far from a sure thing, but Blastr points out that it would make a heck of a lot of sense from an advertising standpoint. The DVD and Blu-ray of The Avengers is set to hit stores in September, and a late summer re-release of the movie with additional scenes — ready for the big screen and in glorious 3D — is a pretty great way to remind all those people who loved the movie that they can own it for themselves in a short amount of time, plus all that extra stuff! Meanwhile, let’s have one last SMASH on the big screen, for old times’ sake!

Besides, Joss Whedon is everyone’s favorite comic book movie director now, so who wouldn’t want to see a rumored 35 more minutes of what he made for us on the big screen? Do you know anyone who saw The Avengers and loved it complain about the two-and-a-half-hour run time?

And, if Marvel just wants to rub it all in James Cameron‘s face, another $200 million or so would mean beating out the total returns for AvatarThe Avengers has made $572.3 million after just over a month in theaters, Avatar has made $760.5 million overall. So, there’s the super fun “spitey” element. (Hehe, see what I did there?)

The story originally came from a forum on, according to Superhero Authority, where someone brought up the idea of a re-release and a “Hollywood source” confirmed that there were talks, but nothing has been confirmed by Marvel or anyone else. So, we’re going to once again emphasize that this is all just a rumor. Maybe the director’s cut can include that other rumory Easter egg: The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Oscorp tower.

But maybe if we talk about it enough, we can make it happen.

(Superhero Authority via Blastr)

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