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Martin Freeman To Star In FX’s Fargo TV Series, Doncha Know?

Officially Official

In before “Benedict Cumberbatch as Marge Gunderson!” jokes.

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It’s been a while since we first heard that FX is tackling the Coen brothers’ dark comedy classic Fargo for a ten-episode limited TV series. Billy Bob Thornton came on board a few months back as one of the leads, and now we know that Martin Freeman will be getting his Midwesterner on as the other.

Freeman will play Lester Nygaard, “a small town insurance salesman henpecked by his wife, whose life is changed when a mysterious stranger, Lorne Malvo (Thornton), comes to town.” The role is similar to that played by William H. Macy in the original movie, so something tells me things might not go so well for Lester’s wife. Then again, the show’s only going to be loosely based on the movie, and will, according to Deadline, feature a new case and  new characters, so we might be looking at something unexpected.

All I know is this: If FX leaves out Marge Gunderson, or a Marge Gunderson doppelgänger, I will personally go to the building that houses their offices and cry on it. Well, maybe not. But I’ll write them a strongly worded Tweet!

(via: Deadline)

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