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Fargo to Be TV Series, Better Include Marge Gunderson If It Knows What’s Good For It

Cautiously Optimistic

According to Deadline, television channel FX has closed a deal with the Coen Brothers to develop and hourlong series “loosely based” on their 1996 Fargo, which defined “dark comedy” for me at an early age. The Coens will be executive producing the project along with Noah Hawley, who will be writing.

But all we’ve got to say is, if this show doesn’t include perp catching even while heavily pregnant, Midwestern to the core sheriff Marge Gunderson in it, we’re going to have to throw somebody in a wood chipper.

From Deadline:

Hawley was a writer on Fox’s dramedy Bones before going on to create two series for ABC, The Unusuals and My Generation. The latter also was an adaptation; it was based on a Swedish series. This broadcast development season, he teamed  with producers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci for a high-concept drama revolving around a mysterious game.

FX doesn’t have the family-friendly atmosphere of broadcast channels, so it would be interesting to see how far they’d push the violence in a Fargo series, wood chippers not withstanding. The show would be doing its source material a disservice to not focus on law enforcement and criminals in Minnesota, with Marge (perhaps a new mother) prominent in the show.

(via Screenrant.)


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