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Watch Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy Record Voiceovers For Batman: Arkham City [Video]



If there’s one thing any geek can appreciate, even if they’re not a gamer nor a passionate Batman fan, it’s watching awesome people do voiceovers for things. Take the aforementioned awesome people — in this case, Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, and Mark Hamill, voice of the Joker — put them in a completely unnatural environment, like a recording booth, and then say “Action” and watch the excellence ensue. Both actors reprised their roles from Batman: The Animated Series for Batman: Arkham City, because they love us and want us to be happy.

On another note, Hamill should really follow Conroy’s example and do a guest voice on The Venture Bros. next season. Let’s please start the Twitter campaign now.

(via Game Informer)

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