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Mark Hamill is Going to be a Guest Star on Chuck‘s Final Season

And Fansplosions Abound

First they nabbed Jayne Cobb. Then James Bond. Then Sarah Connor. And Number Six, River Tam, Marshall Flinkman, Doc Brown, Sam Beckett, Chevy Chace, Superman, and the Old Spice Guy (among others) have all either appeared for an episode or been given arcs. Chuck already had a wealth of prime geekery (they are, after all, a show about geeky spies). Now they have Luke Skywalker. Also known as Mark Hamill. Also known as the first big name announced for a guest arc on the upcoming (and final) season of Chuck.

It was announced at Comic-Con this weekend (oh, Comic-Con, the wonderful gifts you bring us) that Hamill will be playing the season’s first villain.

As any who follow the show knows, Chuck has been embattled from the very beginning with suffering ratings. luckily for them, they also came equipped with one of the most passionate fanbases since the Browncoats, who did things like organize a movement to buy all the subway sandwiches (a sponsor of the show) and gather all the TV critics in support to help boost the chances of the show coming back for another season. And it worked. A couple of times.

Now the show is going into its fifth and reportedly final season, which executive producer Chris Fedak has promised fans will be epic. With the addition of Mark Hamill, we have no doubt it will be.

And I couldn’t write a post about something talked about at the Chuck panel without mentioning this, Zachary Levi‘s tearful thank you speech tot he fans and to Comic-Con for helping make the show what it is:

(via Digital Spy)

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