Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a Trump rally.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Demonstrates Her Tenuous Grasp on Reality, Thinks She Can Get Trump’s Impeachment ‘Erased From History’

Another day, another Republican acting foolish on the national stage. To be more specific, this time, it’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. (It’s always her, isn’t it?) At a recent Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign rally (yep, those are still happening despite Trump being charged with multiple crimes), she took to the stage to talk a lot of nonsense about getting both of Trump’s historic presidential impeachments “expunged.”

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To be clear, this is not a thing. It’s not how any of this works. You simply cannot talk to a manager and have an impeachment taken off your record, a fact that seems to be lost upon Greene, who to her defense, has shown time and time again that she is just not that bright.

Since this is not a thing (!) and just Greene is just braying nonsense like the jackass that she is, former Impeachment manager (for the second trial because, again, it bears repeating that there’s been two) California Representative Ted Lieu decided he had the time to go on MSNBC and let the world know just how ignorant Greene is. You can watch the entire exchange here:

Here is a transcript of part of the exchange, per HuffPost:

“There is no such thing known as an expungement of an impeachment in the United States Constitution,” the California Democrat told MSNBC.

“This is totally a made-up process. It is nothing more than a glorified press release with a fake vote,” he added.

Look, I get that the Republicans tend to live in a world of magical thinking where they’re the heroes and also perpetual victims, but as Lieu rightfully points out, it’s ridiculous to think that you can retcon an entire nation to Trump’s record when the whole thing was broadcast for the world to see! Per the above source:

Lieu noted that Trump’s impeachment following the insurrection received bipartisan support in the House and Senate, even though a majority of Senate Republicans voted against conviction.

You “can’t just erase that,” he said. “It was televised. Millions of people saw it.”

We sure did see it! When has being watched ever carried an amount of shame for Trump voters, though? The crowd that showed up to this rally are people who are taking the time out of their day to support a former President who incited an insurrection, has been arrested multiple times, and yet inexplicably, is still the leading GOP presidential candidate. This should be very embarrassing for them, yet it is not. So the best we can do is remind everyone else that Greene’s promise is nonsense and very very stupid.

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