Marjorie Taylor Greene gives a tight-lipped smile.

No More Bud Light for Marjorie Taylor Greene! Now She’ll Only Drink … This Other Beer That Also Supports LGBTQ+ Rights

Shhhh. No one tell her!

Dumb mean bigots got really mad last week when Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a woman who is also trans because people from all walks of life drink beer so maybe a beer company might want to partner with people from all walks of life to sell said beer? I dunno, call me a marketing genius for pointing that out. Conservatives like Kid Rock freaked out though! They are outraged because Mulvaney dare exist and Bud Light dare partner with her.

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Because they have no lives or actual policy platforms to advocate beyond ridiculous culture war nonsense, conservatives have turned this into a major issue to build their whole platform and personalities around. Naturally, Marjorie Taylor Greene had to get in on the action because she loves attention and hates being a good person, and because this is Marjorie Taylor Greene, she had to do it in the stupidest way possible.

Yes, Greene managed to make herself look even more ignorant than normal by announcing that in her boycott of Bud Light, she’s officially switching to drinking Coors Light. I think you know where this is going though. As them’s Abby Monteil writes:

But the joke’s on Greene and her fellow goons, because, as many have pointed out, Canadian-American beverage company Molson Coors has also publicly expressed support for the LGBTQ+ community. Subsidiary Miller Lite runs a campaign on inclusivity in bars and has contributed nearly half a million dollars to the LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization Equality Federation, per its website. And Coors Light has sponsored Denver’s Pride festivities for over 20 years, in addition to donating over $100,000 to LGBTQ+ organizations, according to Denver Pride.

LOL. What. A. Dummy.

To rub salt in the wound, here’s an amazing response to her tweet outlining the decades-long support Coors Light has had in support of the LGBTQA+ community:

I wish we could see what else she bought so we could point out every other brand’s support of the LGBTQA+ community in the process just to ensure she has to keep her mouth shut for at least a nanosecond on the matter. (This also proves that reports of Bud Light’s dropping stock and slipping sales—which are extremely overblown anyway—are meaningless because everyone performing their outrage will have forgotten about their gripes in a matter of weeks at most.)

Somewhere out there, there is some bonkers conservative who is vowing to create a conservative beer brand for their people, I guarantee it. Only the worst among us will drink it. It will probably taste terrible. You will have to mail order it since none of the major retailers will carry it, it will come poorly shipped because these people never think of these kinds of things, and the bigots will scream about how they’re oppressed all because Bud Light dared to partner with a lady who happened to be trans in order to sell some beer, and her mere existence offends them.

(Update: They did it!)

As for Greene, she’s ignoring the fact that Coors supports the causes she hates (because again, she looked real dumb with that post and I think even she realized that) and is still screaming hateful things on Twitter. Today she is blaming the collaboration between Bud Light and Mulvaney on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” which … huh? Again, not a marketing genius, but I’m pretty sure brands partner with people they think can sell their merchandise. As Greene’s party loves to remind us, we live in a capitalist hellhole, everything comes down to the almighty dollar. A fact she’s willing to ignore if it allows her to be a hateful shithead I guess.

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