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Man Finds His Stolen Car 42 Years Later On eBay

Bob Russell‘s 1967 Austin Healey 3000 was stolen 42 years ago in front of his Philly apartment, right after his second date with his future wife. You’d think the story ends here, with Bob living happily ever after with the love of his life. Nope. Sequels.

This particular sequel has Russell vigilantly searching for his Healey over the decades, combing the Internet and eyeing every Healey he sees on the road. Scouring eBay might seem a mighty long shot for anyone, but not to Russell. Looking for a car stolen 42 years ago on eBay? This comes to mind:

But, against all odds, Russell finds his Healey on eBay, for sale at the Beverly Hills Car Club in California. What a stroke of luck!

The car didn’t meet the auction’s reserve price, so the dealer offered him $24,000 for the car. But come on, this story is so good already, we don’t actually expect Russell to pay for his own car now, do we?

Since he still had the keys and signed affidavits from friends and the original owner that he never sold the car, he definitely had a legitimate claim to the Healey. He was just missing the original police report, so the Philadelphia and Los Angeles Police helped him out and reopened the case. All Russell had to pay was the $1,500 impound and transport fees, just to give this fairy tale a nice realistic twist.

Seriously, this would make a better movie than Cars.

(via Neatorama)

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