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[Updated] Ylvis Unveils New Video Called “Massachusetts,” Then Immediately Deletes It

What the fox actually says is "THE INTERNET IS FOREVER, CHUMPS."


Last evening, everyone was excited that the Norwegian comedy team behind the now annoyingly ubiquitous “What Does The Fox Say?” video had released a new video about the wonders of the great state of Massachusetts. Then, inexplicably, the official TV Norge Youtube channel deleted it overnight. What gives?

Of course, because the Internet is forever, we found you a back-up. (UPDATED: the original’s back up! See below) No telling how long it will stay up, so watch it now before Norway figures out what’s going on.

If we had to venture a guess, maybe the part where they claim that Nelson Mandela lived in Massachusetts and sing “F*** the Apartheid” with a chorus of African singers is what got them in trouble. Or perhaps the part right after it when they organize a meet-up of boy scouts and Catholic priests. Or heck, maybe it’s just all the playful homoerotic undertones and hand-holding!

Either way, we hope TV Norge puts the original version of the video back up soon, because it’s surprisingly catchy. Seriously, I’m going to be singing about “Massocheichei” all the livelong day.

UPDATED: We just got an e-mail from the media group behind the video saying that it had been taken down due to “some trouble with [their] YouTube channel,” but the original is now back up. Check it out below:

So majestic.

(via Gawker)

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