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“Make a Fandom Cry With Only One Sentence” Really Has a Me Sobbing Over Here

Just me thinking about The Land Before Time.

The Land Before Time death

As a longtime lover of TV, movies, and books, I’ve cried plenty of times over the properties I’ve invested time, my heart, and money into. I cried while watching the controversial ending of Lost when it was airing, and I absolutely cried in the last Fast and the Furious movie because the theme of family hits me right in the feels every single time. Basically, I’m a crier, and fandom knows how to push my buttons to get me there in the first place.

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And Twitter, in its vastness where everything and anything gets asked, indie bookseller @abbythecleric threw down the gauntlet with their prompt, “Make a fandom cry with only one sentence.” The answers that came in … I’m gonna need a moment … have opened up the flood gates when it comes to feels. Some were sharing their feelings over Logan’s last words, The Iron Giant, or Peter Parker’s “I don’t want to go” in Avengers: Infinity War. But the one that really got me, the one that really stuck out, was The Land Before Time, which I’ve included below because if I have to feel it, so do you.

Oh, but wait, there’s more! From Avatar the Last Airbender to The Lord of the Rings, here are some of my favorite responses that remind me of how riveting the content we consume really is and how we connect to things as a community long after via fandom.

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