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Nintendo Direct Unveils Majora’s Mask 3D & New 3DS Release Date, Downloadable Wii Games on Wii U, & More!

New 3DS: 3D Harder.

The New 3DS isn’t the only thing Nintendo has lined up for fans in early 2015.

Here’s a short list of the highlights:

  • Majora’s Mask 3D is coming on February 13—the same day as the New 3DS hits North America! There’s even a special Majora’s Mask edition New 3DS.
  • Sadly, Nintendo really is just calling it the New 3DS. They have not learned their naming lesson from the Wii U, I guess.
  • Wii games are coming to the Wii U eShop! Mario Galaxy 2 is up for download todayPunch-Out!! for Wii is coming on January 22, and Metroid Prime Trilogy on January 29. They’ll each be 50% for one week after release.
  • A new Fire Emblem game is coming to the 3DS.
  • Speaking of Fire Emblem, more Marth amiibo are coming “later this year,” so no need to pay a million dollars on ebay just yet.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is also coming on February 13th with its own special edition New 3DS.
  • New, squid-based team shooter Wii U IP Splatoon is coming in May!

There was even more, including Code Name: STEAM and amiibo goodies, so go ahead and check out the replay for yourself for the full story.

Things we still need to know:

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