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Nintendo Hacked by Lulzsec, but Don’t Worry


Hacker group LulzSec, who claimed responsibility for a few recent notable hacks — including a hack on PBS’ servers that gave them control of and allowed them to deface a few of PBS’ websites, as well as a hack on the FBI — targeted a U.S. Nintendo server for one of its websites.

Nintendo said the hack caused no damage and no sensitive information was stolen, nor has the hack caused any damage to the company’s operations or its customers. After the hack, Lulzsec posted data on the Internet and claimed it was a Nintendo server configuration file. Nintendo acknowledged the hack, but made sure to note that the hack didn’t result in any harm to Nintendo or its customers — something important to make known after the recent month-long mess with Nintendo’s competitor Sony. After Lulzsec posted the obtained data, they said they didn’t mean Nintendo any harm, and they hoped Nintendo “plugs the gap,” a message posted to their Twitter account.

The hack comes the week Nintendo is launching their eShop for the Nintendo 3DS, the handheld’s digital storefront, though it remains to be seen if the eShop launch had any weight on Lulzsec’s decision to hack the Nintendo server. Though Nintendo stresses no damage was done, one can’t help but assume they’re beefing up their security, praying they aren’t the next gaming giant to be hit by a severe hack and continuing to work on ways to doom their new handheld.

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