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Minecraft, EVE Online, The Escapist, League of Legends Hacked by Lulzsec

Hacker group Lulzsec followed their massive porn site login dump and successful attacks against numerous game companies, by turning its sights to other gaming websites. Today, the group claimed responsibility for bringing down EVE Online, Minecraft’s login server, and The Escapist website. As of writing, EVE Online and The Escapist’s sites are still down, but Minecraft seems to have recovered. However, some of the groups Tweets seem to indicate that the damage may not be immediately apparent on the site.

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There is currently no word if any user information as affected by the intrusions.

The DDOS attacks on these gaming sites were apparently motivated not by spite, but by request. As part of an event they’ve dubbed #TitanicTakeoverTuesday, the group is taking requests by Twitter and by phone. When the number is called, a speaker with a faux French accent using the name “Pierre Dubois” makes veiled reference to the groups Internet shenanigans.

Lulzsec first rose to prominence some weeks ago after posting a fictitious article to the PBS website and otherwise defacing the site.

UPDATE: Lulzsec now claims that the League of Legends login server has been taken down.

(via Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamebreakers)

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