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Lucy Lawless And The Plot She’d Revive Xena With

And I'll Form the Head!

In my dreams it would be that Renee [O’Connor, who played Gabrielle] and I, and Ted [Raimi], who played Joxer, would come back and basically stick Xena’s head back on her and go on a quest. At the end you introduce this new Warrior Princess, hand it over and let them run with it. So we could put the family back together, give the fans what they want, reinvigorate the brand and hand it on to a new generation.
Lucy Lawless, on how she would like a hypothetical new Xena series to begin.

The logistics of “stick[ing] Xena’s head back on” aside, I think this would be a pretty good way to revive the series. Lawless herself might not be taking up the warrior princess mantle again, but passing it on to a new generation could be just the kick a reboot would need to get some new fans who were too young to watch it the first time around. If Lawless would stay around to make cameos, though, that would be pretty sweet.

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