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The Lucifer Season Five Trailer Has Double the Devilish Fun

Oh we’re in for a devilishly good time, aren’t we? The new trailer for part one of the fifth (but NOT final) season of Lucifer is here and there’s a lot to love. Literally. There’s double the usual Tom Ellis and that can’t possibly be a bad thing, can it?

Well, I guess for Lucifer’s friends and loved ones it’s pretty bad, given that they’re dealing with a Lucifer impersonator who looks like everyone’s favorite Prince of Darkness from head to tail (which is what we’re calling Tom Ellis’ backside, on full, glorious display in this trailer). That’s right, Lucifer’s twin brother Michael is in the (pent)house and that’s can’t be good.

Well, it can because it means we get Tom Ellis in two roles! It’s truly unsettling to hear him speaking in an American accent, but I can’t wait to see the other ways Michael is different from Lucifer. He does have those very rock-n-roll black wings, which look awesome. And he also seems willing to take things with Chloe to the next level. And wow I don’t think that the real Lucifer will take very kindly to his brother getting it on with the woman he loves. I was certainly yelling at my screen about it!

Aside from the big Michael reveal, there’s a lot of other clues and teases for the new season in this trailer. We saw a few moments of the noir-inspired, black and white episode that will happen this season, as well as a very clear homage to the shinning. What we notably didn’t see was Dennis Haysbert as God himself, who may be needed to bring his feuding sons to peace. We also didn’t see much of Inbar Lavi’s Eve, who will also be around this season (hopefully on some dates with Maze).

It’s been a hellishly long time since Lucifer graced our screen and this trailer makes me so excited for more. The trailer hits all the notes that make Lucifer such a great and fun show: humor, crime, cosmic mythos, and a big dollop of sexy fun. What I truly desire is for this new season to be here as soon as possible.

(via TVLine, image: Nextflix)

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