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Watch the Banned Dexter’s Laboratory Episode “Rude Removal”

For years there have been rumors of an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory that went unaired because it didn’t pass muster with Cartoon Network’s Standards and Practices department. Back in December, Adult Swim launched the #telljeff hashtag on Twitter to get a Cartoon Network executive we assume is named Jeff to get off his duff and release the episode. It looks like Jeff came through, because now the episode titled “Rude Removal” is online for us all to nostalgically enjoy.

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This is the first episode of Dexter’s Laboratory I’ve seen in years, but now I’m going to go back and rewatch more of them. I forgot how brilliant it was. The first time Rude Dexter’s words got bleeped out I laughed so hard I scared my dog.

It might be time to start up the #telljeff hashtag once again, but this time to say thank you.

(via Adult Swim)

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