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Man Plans to Travel 20,000 Miles by Jet-Ski

In 2005, a 51-year-old airline pilot named Jeremy Burfoot circumnavigated New Zealand on a jet-ski. Now, he’s attempting a much more ambitious feat involving New Zealand and jet-skis: Traveling on one from London to New Zealand. Estimated distance: 32,000 kilometers, or roughly 20,000 miles.

The voyage, which Burfoot is undertaking to raise cancer awareness, is expected to take up the next four months:IndiaVision News:

The idea came from his first officer, who suggested it as a follow-up to Burfoot’s record-breaking 2005 jetski journey circumnavigating New Zealand.

“I said: ‘You’re an idiot. What kind of a fool would do that?’ He grabbed his atlas out and we were looking at it, and it looked pretty interesting,” The New Zealand Herald quoted Burfoot, as saying.

Four other men will join Burfoot as he weaves around the world’s waterways, setting off from the River Thames outside London’s Houses of Parliament on August 1. The standard-size jetskis will be packed with technical equipment to document the adventure, safety gear, some high-energy food, camping accessories and “very little” personal belongings.

(IndiaVision News via Fark)

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