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Let Mobius Ride a Jet Ski, Loki

Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki

Mobius M. Mobius wants to ride a jet ski, and BY GOD LET HIM. In the second episode of Marvel and Disney+’s Loki, titled “The Variant,” Loki sees that Mobius has a magazine on his desk about jet skis. He asks Mobius why he has it, and Mobius responds with “Because they’re awesome.”

Loki says, “Suppose they are,” and it spurs on Mobius to talk about how most things in history are worthless and everything gets ruined eventually. But, as Mobius says, in the early 1990s, there was a brief shining moment where there was a “beautiful union of form and function” called the jet ski. He goes on to say that a reasonable man gets it.

All of this to say that he’s also never been on one. Loki entertains Mobius, talking about jet skis, and then finally asks if he’s ever ridden one, to which Mobius admits that a TVA agent on a jet ski in the sacred timeline would for sure create a branch, to which Loki responds with “It’d be fun, though.”

So what has that done for me and my now-Mobius-focused brain? It’s made me want nothing more than for Mobius to have his chance to ride a damn jet ski! What we know of the TVA is that they basically live in this time-warped place and go out into the field to stop the disruption of the sacred timeline. We have no idea what they do when they have time “off” from work, so for all we know, Mobius could go home and just read a magazine about jet skis and wish for a life where he could be out on the open water.

He explains later to Loki that he reads the magazine to remind himself why he is doing this, what he’s fighting for. But honestly, I just want Mobius to be able to embrace life and go out on a jet ski if that’s what he wants. Bonus points if it is in the ’90s and Mobius wears a wonderfully bright bathing suit.

There is also a Punisher comic that this particular joke could be referencing. The Punisher war journal features a cover where Frank Castle rents a jet ski. That’s right, the Punisher himself on a jet ski, to which the cover says, “You just rented a jet ski to the Punisher! Kiss that baby goodbye!” and so could Mobius be referencing Frank Castle taking the jet ski away? Possibly!

But more importantly, as someone who also ships Mobius/Loki like our wonderful Briana Lawrence, what do I hope happens on Loki? I hope that Mobius and Loki ride off together away from the Time-Keepers on a jet ski and just enjoy their time together, living as rogue agents of the sacred timeline. That’s what I want for Mobius and Loki. Loki is probably driving the jet ski, though, with Mobius on the back end, right?

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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