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Is There a Llama Penis in This Children’s Corn Maze?

This isn't even the weirdest Halloween attraction in Pennsylvania right now.


Pennsylvania is stepping up its game when it comes to weird Halloween attractions this year. First there was the naked Haunted House, now someone cut a llama penis into the path of a children’s corn maze at Wilcox Farms in Boyertown, PA. Was it just an unfortunate design? Take a look at a photo of the maze and decide for yourself.

Here’s the official aerial photo from the Wilcox Family Farm site:

llama penis

That’s probably not an intentional llama penis, but it sure does look a llama penis, and one he’s awful proud of judging by his posture.

The farm claims it was a simple mistake, and we’re willing to believe it. Some locals have complained, because well, that’s what people do, but Beth Schultz from Wilcox Farms doesn’t seem concerned, telling local news station WFMZ, “Some people, they have to take a good family thing and make it into something more than what it is.”

(via Lehigh Valley With Love and WFMZ, image via Wilcox Family Farms and The Style PA)

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