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Lil’ Drac, America’s Sweetheart, Grows Up and Learns to Fly


Back in November, America was introduced to Lil’ Drac, the abandoned short tailed fruit bat that was being raised by the folks over at the Bat World Sanctuary. Abandoned by his mother during a stressful move following a zoo closure, Lil’ Drac was taken in by the people at Bat World and carefully warmed and fed. His caretakers also brushed him with a warm, wet Q-Tip to simulate his mother’s tongue — because he will never know the loving touch of a mother. In the process, they discovered that he enjoyed rocking himself to sleep. All this combined for a spectacularly viral video, with nearly a million views as of writing.  With little fanfare, a follow-up video was posted, showing how Lil’ Drac isn’t so “Lil'” anymore and finally learned to fly. See the video, and the original, after the break.

And here’s the original video, in case you missed it.

(via Bat World Sanctuary)

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