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Watch the Pitch Trailer for a CGI Animated Legend of Zelda Movie [Video]

I want to live in a world where this movie happened.

Zelda Short

Legend of Zelda movie is one of those rumors that keeps popping up every few years. One set of rumors from a while back apparently had some truth behind them because the test animation used to pitch the project just surfaced, and it’s beautiful. Please. Someone make this become reality. Take a look.

If the animation looks vaguely familiar it’s because it came out of Imagi Animation, the company responsible for TMNT and Astro Boy. Zelda is looking a bit like a blond April O’Neil with pointy ears. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The video came to light when its director, Adam Holmes included it in his online portfolio. It’s on his Vimeo site, but embedding has been disabled. Here’s a link in case something happens to the mirror we found on YouTube.

The real question is: What studio turned this down? Zelda is a well established franchise with passionate fans, and this animation looks wonderful. Seriously, someone make this happen.

(via Game Informer, image via YouTube)

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