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Pay What You Want for the Best-Selling ‘Learn to Code 2016’ Training


We’re feeling generous, so we combined two of our favorite things: our pay what you want deals and our essential coding bundle. Get it before it’s gone—pay what you want for the Learn to Code 2016 bundle at the Mary Sue Shop.

Beat the average price and you’ll get all nine courses in the bundle. That means training in Python, HTML5, CSS3, Linux, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, and much more, all for a price you name.

Already up to speed on some of the programming languages and tools covered? Pay below the average price and you’ll get two courses worth almost $200, one in cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (a hiring manager favorite) and one in Git, the must-know version control system all pro software engineers use.

We’ve packed all of our most popular, most essential programming courses into one bundle, so don’t miss your chance to pay what you want for it—this deal is going fast at the Mary Sue Shop.

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